Here you will find some useful links to other bird related web sites and resources. They are divided between 6 categories. I hope you enjoy them!
    1997-1998 National PDD Campaign
    Bird Breeders
     Avian Breeder Management...Central Ky. Breeders of Macaws, Eclectus, Cockatoos & more...
    Benden Weyr Aviary...A small, quality breeder of H/F Conures, Pionus and Amazons
    Blue and Grey Aviary...New England Breeders focusing on African Parrots.
    Cozy Corners Bird Farm...Bird breeder and on-line pet shop.
    Bird Toys & Supplies
     Avian Specialties...Unique toys and products for Birds!
    L&M Bird Leg Bands...Offers a wide variety of Bird Identification Bands.
    Smart Bird Toys...Toys for small, medium and large birds
    Directory services
     ...Directory of bird related sites.

    USA ONLINE...Online yellow pages for businesses in the USA.

    Informative Sites
     Beakers Parrot Society...Dedicated to the preservation and propagation of all species.
    Birds n Ways...Complete Guide to Parrots & Exotic Pet Birds
    Kim's Aviary...Dedicated to the Congo African Grey
    Parrot Pages...Information on Parrot Health and Behavior.
    Planned Parrothood...A parrot lovers site! Check out the Memorial page.
    Those Majestic Macaws...Entertaining site with lots of info. about the Macaw
     AviMate...Bird Breeder Software for Windows
    Pet Grief Support...The Pet Loss Grief Support Page & Candle Ceremony.
    Online Magazines
     Bird Breeder On-Line...Official site of Bird Breeder magazine.
    Bird World...An interactive online bird magazine featuring "News and Reviews"


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