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    We have a small closed hobby aviary and occasionally have a few babies to sell to private individuals. Most of our babies are closed banded and socialized to travel. All of our breeder Cockatoos are blood tested negative for Beak and Feather Disease.

    Each baby is given LOTS of attention during hand feeding and allowed to wean at its own pace. We do not tube feed. Sometimes we offer parent raised birds or other breeding stock, please check out our Breeder Birds.

    We can ship but highly recommend that you pick up your baby if at all possible. There is a $16-45 crate fee for a new reusable kennel cab to ship your baby in. A health certificate may be needed with your shipped baby.

    This symbol  means we have babies available of that type.
    Please give us a call or e-mail us for more information.

    Our babies:

    What a day!
    African Greys
       Babytrio2000.jpg (10750 bytes)
    How come you got so big?
    *** All babies are backed by our guarantee. ***

    We accept deposits and credit card payments on babies via PayPal.

    African Greys

    Congobaby00.JPG (3717 bytes)       r0300043.jpg (7284 bytes)

               Congos   Timnehs-2  8/15,18/2009         SOLD!  

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     DSCN0008.JPG (64926 bytes) MRHBaby.gif (18309 bytes)

     Blue Fronts
    Lilac Crowns-3, June 3-5        
    Mexican Red Heads-1,5/25
     Orange Wings-July 4/6 2009      Already talking- 2 available.
     Red Loreds

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    BabyG2sC.JPG (11811 bytes)U2baby.GIF (22082 bytes)
    1 h/f 3/22/'10 SOLD
    2- (9/5,7/'09) P/R
        We no longer raise Umbrella Cockatoos

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    Jendaybabies.jpg (5690 bytes) 
    r0300246.jpg (8763 bytes)

    DSCN0001.JPG (61039 bytes)


     Blue Crowns
     Cherry Heads
     Green Cheeks
     None available  3/25/2010

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      DSCN0002.JPG (54212 bytes)  LovieSiblings2001.jpg (10150 bytes) 
    From "Best in Show" winning and
    "Champion" producing parents!

     Peach Faces- Closed banded,H/F babies
    Includes whitefaces, blues, cinn., slates & pieds
     Fischers Lovebirds- Photo above.
           Sorry, we do not ship Lovebirds.

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    sarge1.jpg (33557 bytes)     
      Blue Heads
    Not raising BHP at the present time...
               White Caps   

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    Orange and Yellow Bellies Senegals                           

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     means babies are available. Please call or e-mail for more information!


    Hookbill Haven® Aviary warrants that, at the time of purchase,
    your bird(s) are in good health and free of any virus. In order
    to protect your bird from viral infections, we no longer recommend
    vet checkups for well babies. If any bird(s) are found to have a genetic condition that affects their health or well-being as determined by a certified avian veterinarian or upon necropsy, Hookbill Haven® agrees at its discretion to either refund to the buyer the purchase price upon return of the bird(s) or replace said bird(s) with bird(s) of the same species, sex (if known) and age or with bird(s) of equal value if so agreed by buyer.

    This guarantee is void if leg bands, where applicable, are removed or if care and/or feeding instructions are not followed. Do not feed an all pellet diet!

    We take reservations with a non-refundable deposit...babies must be picked up within one month of weaning. You are responsible in the training and behavior of your bird. Please research and learn what you can do to achieve the best possible pet potential and safety for your new feathered friend.

    A parrot is a lifetime commitment.


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